10 Benefits of 12-Volt Outdoor Lighting

10 Benefits of 12-Volt Outdoor Lighting


Wait, What's 12-Volt Lighting?

12-volt lighting uses a transformer to convert the standard 120 volts (from your house) into 12 volts and is most commonly used for outdoor lighting. A 12-volt lighting system is more energy efficient than higher voltage systems.

There are numerous advantages of using low voltage (12-volt) outdoor lighting compared to a 120-volt system. If you're unsure about why you should switch to 12-volt landscape lighting, you've come to the right place. 

1. Safety First

Don’t worry about your little loved ones, our lighting is completely safe. Your children and curious pets won’t be in any danger here. Oh, and you're safe too! Our system is safe to interact with, touch, and install. In fact, low-voltage means you can actually install the lights while the system is running. 

2. What a Bright Idea

The light output from 12-volt lights is exactly the same as with 120-volt lights so brightness is not altered at all. Some of our largest lights can project light up to 30 feet.

3. Water You Worried About?

Even though a 12-volt outdoor lighting system does not require the same connection technique as a 120-volt system, our Easy-Lock connector contains a special gel that offers extra protection against moisture and external influences (just to be on the safe side). 

4. Change It Up, We Dare You.

If you’re someone who loves change, these are the lights for you. Adjustments to your lighting design can be easily made. All you have to do is twist the Easy-Lock connector loose and re-connect it in another location. This won’t damage our cable at all and you can move your lights numerous times.

5. All You Need is Love (And an Electrical Outlet)

You don't need an electrician to set up your 12-volt outdoor lighting system. With an easy installation process, all you need is an outlet for the transformer.

6. We Dig It

We know you’ll dig it (pun intended) but you don’t have to use a shovel! Low voltage cable does not need to be buried deep in the ground. Instead, it can be placed directly under paving or even a thin layer of soil or mulch. 

7. Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The 12-volt cable can end anywhere. Seriously. Just install sealing caps (included with the transformer) and you are finished. 

8. Bigger Isn’t Always Better, But Sometimes It Is

We have heavy-duty cables that can reach up to 262.5 feet into your yard. If you want to add a fixture further away from where your cable is positioned, you can easily add cable branches by using a CC-2 cable connector for up to 50 watts!

9. One Step at a Time

Not sure exactly what you’re going to need? Can’t decide on what lights you like the best? Don’t have the budget to do the whole backyard at once? You can easily and continuously add lights to your design as you see fit.

10. No, YOU Choose

Landscaping lighting can do just about anything... Illuminate a large tree or subtly line your pathway... Bring attention to your beautiful plants or create a romantic atmosphere around your outdoor living space! With in-lite, choose exactly where you want your lights to go and watch your outdoor space transform around you.