Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section provides many of the answers you need to get started with in-lite.

General Questions

in-lite is a modern outdoor lighting company specializing in low-voltage LED lighting systems and fixtures. We pride ourselves in being the market leader in recessed paver and deck lighting. We supply outdoor lighting options to homeowners and contractors to help elevate the look and value of residential properties.

in-sider.ca is the official site to purchase in-lite Outdoor Lighting products in the USA. Our in-sider site focuses on working with professionals in the industry to give them the support, tools, and training they need to use in-lite as a key part of their business. Interested in learning more about the in-sider program? Click here.

At in-sider.ca, we strive to provide unmatched service and quality for our products and our customer service. We do this by working together with you, our valued customer. Our collection of modern low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures will boost the look of any yard, improve a home’s security, and offer a cost-effective LED lighting solution to enhance curb appeal. Unlike other manufacturers, the in-lite warranty covers the full fixture for 5 years - from the cable connector to the lights. For more information check out our warranty page

If you’re a professional, we offer the opportunity to access special benefits by becoming an in-sider. For more information about these benefits, please visit our professionals page.

If you're a professional looking for in-lite, you've come to the right place. At in-sider.ca we provide quality systems, fixtures and expertise to a wide array of trade professionals. This includes residential landscapers, designers, electricians, hardscapers, deck builders, and more. We strongly encourage all professionals to invest in and discover how outdoor lighting installation can benefit their business. If you are a professional, check out our free to join in-sider program.

Yes, we list all of our products at retail price for you to purchase for your home. Just add the products you'd like to your cart and checkout! Don't forget to include a Transformer and Low-Voltage Cable.

in-lite can be installed by any do-it-yourselfer. You can check out our Youtube page to find helpful installation tips, tricks and how to videos to assist in your lighting project. However, there are a few things to consider:

What do your local and state authorities say in regard to low-voltage lighting installation?
What does your HOA say in regard to low-voltage lighting?
Do you have the right equipment?

For more advanced and technical installations (such as recessed paver lighting), a professional is always recommended.

in-lite is available to purchase directly through this website on our shop page at your convenience (24/7). You may also get in contact with our sales team at info@in-lite.com or call us at 1 833-472-9960 to place your orders - we can take payment through the phone or send out a draft invoice that you can pay at your convenience.

We have a few different ways you can reach out to our representatives:

Give us a call (1-833-472-9960)
Email us
Use our web chat (in the bottom right corner of the page)
Book a call or webinar

Our reps are available 8:30AM-5:30PM EST and are able to help you with any questions or issues you may have!

This may happen from time to time, especially if it’s your first time ordering with us. Although we have our prices set in USD and ship from the state of Michigan, sometimes the transaction is recognized as coming from our North American Headquarters in Ontario, Canada. We are happy to help in this situation and ask that customers reach out to us for support.

If this happens to you, we advise you to call your bank immediately and explain the situation. Consumers often have success in having this ‘international fee’ refunded.

To avoid this charge in the future, either notify your bank prior to ordering or use the PayPal option at checkout.

Quality: in-lite fixtures are constructed of the most durable materials, using the highest quality LED light sources. Our products carry a comprehensive 5-year warranty. Our fixtures produce the highest quality light sources based off the C.R.I index.

Distribution: We are unique in that we sell lighting direct via in-sider.com in the USA. We distribute lighting online and deliver it to your doorstep at your convenience.

Support: in-lite has in-house lighting specialists ready to answer your questions 5 days a week. Our experts are knowledgeable in all our products and can give advice on what to buy and can walk you through your orders if needed.

If you can't find what you're looking for in our FAQs, we would be glad to do our best to answer your questions.

Feel free to email info@in-lite.com or call us at 1-833-472-9960 and speak with one of our representatives.

We can provide you with an in-lite catalog, both physically and digitally. To receive a catalog, please email us your home address and we can send some your way. These catalogs not only show you the latest in-lite products, but they also keep you up to date on new trends, technologies and all the latest and greatest that in-lite has to offer. We also encourage you to check out our instagram and YouTube to see what’s popular in the outdoor lighting world!

This will vary between different states and counties, please check your local bylaws to ensure you are compliant. We do, however, highly recommend that installers, if new to low voltage lighting take our half-hour webinar to learn how to properly install our system. You can schedule one of these webinars here.

in-lite fixtures are designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in Taiwan. However, we handle and ship our products from the USA (there are rare cases where we ship from our Canadian facility). Our shipping facility is located in Michigan, USA.

Yes, we do have retailers in North America. For a full list and map of dealers in your area please visit in-lite’s dealer locator page. If you have questions about certain products or need assistance with your order, please reach out to our representatives here.

If you would like to become a dealer for in-lite and resell our fixtures and systems to professionals and homeowners, we will need information about your business to initiate the process. We will need a business name, website and phone number. This is so our team can look into the company first to see if your company is the right fit for a retail partnership. We are actively seeking B2B retailers whose business is built on reselling lighting, landscape supplies, or decking to become stocking dealers. Please bear in mind that you will need a minimum stalking order to proceed.

If we see a potential partnership opportunity, then we would be more than happy to get you in direct contact with our B2B team at in-lite so they can get you set up to carry and distribute in-lite systems and fixtures.

Although you can set your transformer to manual, it is not necessary. in-lite transformers are equipped with a light sensor that automatically switches the lighting on as it gets dark.

If the copper core of the cable is punctured, it is best to cut that piece of the cable out completely. Then, you can either connect the two pieces of cable back together using a cable connector (CC-2) or install an extra piece of cable between using two CC-2. Always check how much power is connected to the cable after the break as a maximum of 50 watts can be installed after one CC-2. If you do not have a CC-2 on hand, you can wrap the punctured area with electrical tape. DO NOT leave the punctured area untouched.

Yes, you can. Many in-lite fixtures are recessed into driveways, pathways, paver patios, and more!

If you have a particular light in mind or you are looking to replace one of your existing lights and you don’t see it listed on in-sider.ca, we can help.

Please reach out to our online team by phone 1 833-472-9960 or email info@in-lite.com to see if this fixture or product is available at one of our international shipping facilities. Please note: that items not listed on this site are considered Special Order Items. Special Order Items are subject to additional shipping fees.

We can help to see if the light is discontinued, if in the circumstance we discover the fixture is discontinued we can assist in finding a fixture or set of fixtures that would work with your current landscape.

Installation Questions

No, installing in-lite requires no technical background, electrical background, or knowledge. That being said, some fixtures are easier to install than others. For installation of recessed fixtures (particularly into concrete or pavers) we always recommend the use of a professional. For more information visit our How it Works page.

Although not necessary, it might be a great idea to pre-plan your project to make sure you can set your project up for success. If you don’t know where to start, you can contact our 3D designers and we can create a detailed 3D design and render for you or your client. To find out more about this visit our 3D design services page.

in-lite transformers can be installed inside or outside, our transformers are rated IP-67 and are resistant to water, moisture, and debris. Many people install their transformers in a pool shed, storage room, or mounted onto their home near a GFCI outlet.

Please bear in mind that all transformers must be installed close to a GFCI outlet, must be plugged into a GFCI outlet, and must be installed at least 18 inches off the ground.

Yes, absolutely. in-lite functions on low-voltage technology. Therefore it requires a transformer to 'transform' your home's main voltage down to 12 volt. As in-lite is only 12 volts, this means it is safe, quick, and easy to install.

Each in-lite fixture comes equipped with the patented Easy-Lock. Use this Easy-Lock, along with the mini-connector to connect the low-voltage cable to the fixture. For more information visit our How it Works page.

A basic low-voltage lighting system typically does not require significant construction, digging, or adaptation to your property. Low-voltage cable can be buried directly beneath the ground and therefore does not require deep trenches to be dug like most other electrical work. A typical landscape lighting installation can be completed in a day or two with the landscape left virtually unmarked or damaged.

Yes, absolutely. Low voltage landscape cable only needs a shallow trench to be hidden in. Cables that are directly attached to the fixture can also be buried directly under the surface. As a rule of thumb, we highly recommend burying the low-voltage cable to prevent any tripping hazard from occurring.

Our lights and systems are sealed and fall under the specifications of IP-67 guidelines, this makes our fixtures water resistant not waterproof. While you can install our lights around your pools or water features, we discourage anyone from installing them into your swimming pools.

Please note: it is advisable to check with your local, state, and federal jurisdictions to ensure that you can place low-voltage lighting fixtures in close proximity to bodies of water. Some cities and states require specific permissions or assurances that needs to be approved before passing inspection.

It is not recommended to install in-lite into a heated pavement because when the internal temperature of an LED is increased, both the voltage and the lumen output decrease. Higher temperatures near or on the fixture lead to a more rapid deterioration of the LED and ultimately, your lighting fixture. This can result in permanent damage to your lighting fixtures and system.

No, you do not. The patented Easy-Lock connector can be installed both above and below ground. The gel inside the connector protects against moisture and the elements.

We don’t recommend using more than 6 BIG NERO on a single line of low-voltage cable. On top of that, you should never use 14/2 gauge low-voltage cable with BIG NEROs – you should only use 12/2 gauge cable and 10/2 gauge cable, if available.

A drill press is a device that is used to bore holes in hard substances such as wood and cement. The drill is held in a rotating spindle and is lowered into the workpiece, which is usually clamped in a vice resting on a sturdy surface. This ensures that the hole is drilled perfectly straight. We always recommend using a drill press to bore holes into pavers to inset our recessed lights. These machines can often be purchased or rented at masonry or building supply shops.

Although it’s highly recommended to use a drill press to ensure that your drilled holes are straight, you can also use a GFCI corded hammer drill to drill holes into your concrete pavers. Please ensure the hammer drill is NOT on the hammer setting as this may damage your drill bit and wear it out prematurely. To make sure that you are able to cut through your pavers efficiently a diamond drill bit and water swivel are necessary. All tools and attachments can be purchased on our Tool collection page .

To keep things simple, we’ve put together two handy videos to help you master installing recessed paver lights:

How to drill through your pavers.
What not to do when drilling through pavers.

The best way to learn about using our Water Swivel and Diamond Bits is to watch the following video: How to drill through your pavers

Both the Water swivel and diamond bits attach to your drill like most other accessories. Firstly, take the water swivel and make sure the non-threaded end is secured firmly into the chuck of your drill, you may need a hex key to make sure its tight. Next you’ll want to attach your hose to the side of the water swivel. Lastly screw your diamond bit on to the end of the water swivel with the treads and ensure that diamond bit is securely in place.

Next, use a jig or predrilled pavers to hold your drill bit in place over your desired drilling location. Turn your drill on and ensure water is following through the end of the diamond bit. Place the bit onto the paver and use pressure to start cutting through the paver. Use continual pressure to push the bit through the remaining concrete while ensuring always that the hole is being drilled straight.

Once through, pull the drill out of the hole, turn off the drill setting and remove any concrete within the bit. Gently wash the paver sediment off the paver.

We strongly encourage the use of our water swivel for recessed lighting installations in pavers. Water swivels assist in the cutting of pavers by feeding water through your drill bit and lubricating the drill, reducing the friction of the drill and reducing the heat produced by the drill. Ultimately, it will dramatically increase the longevity of the diamond bit and allow you to use your bits for longer.

The water swivel also limits and prevents dust and debris from entering the project site. In almost all cases, it is required by law to use vacuum equipment or water when drilling and cutting concrete!

We cannot guarantee the use of our drill bits on ceramics or ceramic tiles. These drill bits are especially made for boring through concrete and concrete pavers only.

System Questions

This is not recommended. in-lite LEDs can be sensitive to interference or fluctuations in the system. As a reminder, when your lighting is connected to a system that includes alternate products not from in-lite, this can void the warranty. in-lite can no longer guarantee the quality of its products in such cases.

If you do choose to use your own transformer, please ensure that the transformer has enough wattage capacity available for new fixtures, is 12V low-voltage, and your low-voltage cable is connected to the 12V tap ONLY.

Although, strongly not recommended, you can use in-lite fixtures on a different low voltage transformer provided that the low voltage cable that the in-lite fixtures will attach to is connected to a 12V lighting tap. DO NOT attach in-lite fixtures to a 16V tap and only in rare circumstances should you attach in-lite fixtures to a 14V tap.

Please keep in mind that our fixtures are designed to work best with our own transformers. Be advised that using our in-lite fixtures on a non-in-lite transformer may void your 5-year warranty.

Yes, you can. Additional in-lite fixtures can be easily added to an existing job or used to expand an existing job. However, always make sure you consider the maximum load of the transformer and the cable. For more info, visit our How it Works page.

This depends on the capacity (wattage) of the transformer and the wattage of the fixtures that you'd like to connect to the transformer. We recommend not exceeding a 90% capacity of the transformer.

Yes of course! in-lite transformers can be installed outside.

in-lite fixtures are built with the intention of being placed outdoors in patios, gardens, decks, docks, and more. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t install our outdoor lights and systems indoors if necessary. But there are a few things you should consider first:

Before installing your in-lite system indoors, you’ll need to make sure you have a GFCI outlet to plug your transformer into. If these in-lite fixtures are wired to a direct wire in the home, the bulb could instantly burn out, as the fixtures were built for a low voltage connection. You will likely require a licensed electrician to help with the installation of in-lite in indoor applications.

Our current transformer does not have built-in zoning functionality. Our new transformers that are set to be released in 2020 will have zoning as a feature.

No, the electronics used in in-lite products are not capable of being dimmed. As a reminder, using alternate products connected to an in-lite system can void the warranty.

Product Questions

The HYVE series is perfect for borders, driveways, and functional lighting applications. It is slightly blinding. The HYVE series is slightly cooler in color temperature making it the ideal option for creating expansiveness and space in your outdoors.

On the other hand, the FUSION series is perfect for patios, steps, and ambient lighting applications. It is non-blinding. The FUSION series is slightly warmer in color temperature making it the ideal option for creating warmth and ambience in your outdoors.

We have a great video that discusses and shows the difference between the HYVE and FUSION - check it out here

The difference between the HYVE 22 and the HYVE 22 RVS is that the RVS line has a bevelled stainless-steel ring around the surface of the fixture. This will cause the light to be slightly raised above the surface that you are installing it in. We often recommend the HYVE 22 RVS as the ring can also help hide any imperfections in the drilling or concrete around the cored hole. Please note, you cannot add the stainless-steel ring to the HYVE 22: the two fixtures are independent of one another.

The difference between the FUSION 22 and the FUSION 22 RVS is that the RVS line has a bevelled stainless-steel ring around the surface of the fixture. This will cause the light to be slightly raised above the surface that you are installing it in. We often recommend the FUSION 22 RVS as the ring can also help hide any imperfections in the drilling or concrete around the cored hole. Please note, you cannot add the stainless-steel ring to the FUSION 22: the two fixtures are independent of one another.

The only difference is the color temperature of the light. A ‘cool’ light is higher on the kelvin scale and a ‘warm’ light is lower on the kelvin scale.

On average, in-lite manufactured fixtures will last around 35,000 hours. To put that in context, you can run in-lite LED lights for 6 hours every single night for over 15 years on average.

Yes. You do not need to purchase the Easy-Lock seperately. It is included in the box with each fixture.

A maximum of 50 watts of fixtures can be installed after one CC-2 cable connector. Therefore you may want to install additional cable connectors down the original line, if needed.

Our fixtures are built with quality and longevity in mind, this means we use the highest quality materials to ensure the fixtures are built to last in harsh outdoor climates. All our units are sealed and integrated LED units. Almost all are rated IP-67 for protection against the moisture and dirt in outdoor environments.

Our recessed lighting units are built using Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel.

Our spotlights are built using Anodized Aluminum, Polycarbonate, and Glass.

Our path lights and wall lights are built using polycarbonate and either anodized or powder-coated aluminum.

Seeing water inside a recessed lighting fixture usually indicates that there is a crack or break in the polycarbonate housing of the fixture. Over time, water can creep inside the fixture and lead to premature failure. This IS NOT commonplace and IS NOT normal for in-lite recessed fixtures. The most common cause of this is damage of the fixture during the installation process. In order to prevent this, core drilled holes must be straight. If lights are inset in an angular hole, this can cause the fixture to crack. Additionally, not using a rubber mallet and/or padding to protect the face of the fixture while recessing it into the drilled hole can cause the fixture to break.

Fixtures with moisture or cracks can still function for some time before the LED is no longer working. However, it is best that these fixtures are replaced in the event of damage. A cracked fixture is not covered under warranty.

Yes, you can. We carry extension cords available in 3 and 9 feet. We recommend that you don't extend fixture leads past 12 feet. If doing so, try to use as few extender cables as possible.

Product specific documentation is available for download and ready for print on each product detail page. You can locate the detailed spec sheet for download directly below the “Quick Specs” section on every product page on in-sider.ca

Product Categories: Our easy-to-navigate product categories make it simple to find what you are looking for. Quickly switch between spot lighting, path lighting, wall lighting, etc. or shop all products at once. Each category includes images, text, and other helpful tools that explain the type of lighting.

Product Detail Pages: Every product has a detail page full of information about that product. You will find videos, pictures, features and benefits, product descriptions and specifications.

YouTube page: Visit our YouTube channel for informative videos about products, installation, low-voltage lighting, troubleshooting, and more. Check out our YouTube and be sure to subscribe!

Customer Support: Our educated team is available Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:30PM EST via phone, email, or web chat.

Product advisor page: You can visit our product advisor page to determine what light is perfect for the atmosphere you are trying to produce. This tool will help you with deciding where and how to install your fixtures with 3D rendered application images. Visit the product advisor to check it out.

Technical Questions

It’s possible your in-lite system is not turning on for a few different reasons. Check out our 4-minute video walking you through our troubleshooting process to help identify your problem or check your system by following the steps below:

1. Check to see if the transformer is plugged into a GFCI outlet and that there is power going to the transformer.
2. Try resetting the system by pressing the button located at the bottom of the transformer.
3. Make sure that your timer settings match with when you would like your lights to turn on.
4. Double check to make sure that your outlet hasn’t tripped, if it has, reset your outlet.
5. Check to see if the end of the cable that’s attached into the transformer is secure and that the copper wire from the two ends is not touching.
6. Check to see if your photocell on the light sensor is covered, make sure nothing is obstructing the light sensor.
7. Lastly, follow your main cable line and make sure there is no breaks or severing in the cable.

If you’ve tried all you can to troubleshoot your system please reach out to our customer care at 1 833-472-9960 or email for more assistance or to receive a warranty claim sheet.

If you’ve noticed that one or two of your outdoor lighting fixtures aren't working we’ve made a quick 3-minute video walking you through our troubleshooting process. Or check your fixture by following these steps below:

1. Check for physical damage to the light - has it been knocked over or pulled from the ground?
2. Make sure the connection points are secure, check the Easy-Lock connector and make sure the cable is placed flat on the guiding track of the Easy-Lock.
3. Check to see if the mini-connector (fixture lead) is firmly and securely attached to the Easy-Lock.
4. Lastly, follow your main cable line and make sure there is no breaks or severing in the cable.

If you’ve tried all you can to troubleshoot your system, please reach out to our customer care at 1 833-472-9960 or email for more assistance or to receive a warranty claim sheet.

Here are some handy tips you can try yourself if a light isn't working before calling in a pro:

Ensure the Easy-Lock is connected properly.
Move the Easy-Lock to somewhere else on the line and see if the light works.
Try plugging the light into a different Easy-Lock (from a fixture that is working properly) to see if it is a problem with the fixture or a problem with the connection.
Reset the system by pressing the reset button on the bottom of the transformer.
Ensure there are no signs of physical damage to the main low-voltage cable close to the fixture.
Make sure the mini-connectors is pushed in all the way and firmly attached.

We also have some fantastic troubleshooting videos on our YouTube page that help you walk along some trouble shooting tips to help resolve your issues. We have two very helpful videos here:

How to troubleshoot outdoor lighting systems
How to troubleshoot outdoor lighting fixtures

If you have tried all these methods and the light is still not functioning correctly, then please reach out to us to begin a warranty claim process.

To determine how many lights you can put on a single transformer it’s important to understand how wattage and wattage capacity work. Each outdoor lighting fixture has a specific wattage. This can be found on each product page or the product box. For example, the FUSION 22 is 0.2 watts. The Transformer has a wattage capacity. The current in-lite transformer has a total wattage capacity of 108W. We recommend only using 90% of this capacity to account for any surges in voltage or power that may occur throughout the lifetime of the system. That means that you should put a total of approximately 95 Watts on the transformer.

It is now your job to add up all the individual wattages of each of the lights you want to add to your outdoor landscape. Does this number fall below 95 watts total? Then you’re good to go! If the total of all your selected fixtures is above 95 watts that means you will need more than 1 transformer!

If you require assistance with figuring out how many watts your project will add up to, you can always reach us by phone at 1 833 472-9960 or email.

C.R.I. stands for Color Rendering Index. This is a scale that goes from 0% to 100%. Its main purpose is to indicate how accurate a light source is at rendering color. The higher the C.R.I. the better the color rendering ability and typically the better the quality of LED.

A maximum of 50 watts of fixtures can be installed after 1 CC-2 Cable Connector. Therefore, you may want to install additional CC-2 cable connectors down the original line, if needed.

A watt is in reference to the power that generates heat. Wattage indicates how much power a fixture consumes. Generally, less is better. When a fixture has a low wattage it is considered efficient as a lower wattage will save you money on your household energy bills. Energy-efficiency is also good for the environment.

Because in-lite uses only the best LEDs, the wattage of our fixtures is well-below the industry standard. NOTE: wattage is a measure of consumption and not a measure of light output. Wattage should not be used as a way to anticipate light output or how bright a fixture will be.

Volt amps are the potential power of the fixture, this is used to simplify power ratings and calculating the drawn current energy. In essence, this is how much total power a fixture can draw off the line.

Watts and volt-amps are both measurements for electrical power consumption. Watts will show you the general power consumption of a light, while volt amps refers to a lights potential power - because fixtures can potentially consume more than their wattage rating, you should not exceed 90% capacity of a transformer to account for additional potential power consumption (ie. VA).

A lumen is a measurement of how much light gets produced from a bulb. The higher the lumens the brighter the light. The lower the lumens the dimmer the light. Unlike wattage, Lumens are a measure of light output and can be used to estimate how bright a fixture is.

Each SKU draws a unique wattage from the transformer. Although different fixture models will draw different wattages, multiple fixtures of the same SKU will not vary in wattage draw. Each SKU will have a set wattage.

You can see how many watts a certain light consumes on each product page under “quick specs” You can also download a detailed spec sheet of each light on the product page.

No. The in-lite fixtures we carry cannot be connected to a 220V or 230V line and are exclusively made for low-voltage applications. in-lite fixtures MUST BE connected to our 12V low-voltage transformer.

In this event, you will need to purchase an additional transformer(s). Additional transformers can be installed side-by-side or in different areas of your property. This may require you to rework your original lighting plan, but will ensure that all your desired lighting is functioning correctly for you.

All in-lite fixtures are rated especially for outdoor use. All in-lite LED lighting fixtures are waterproof (refer to the IP values for our products), but are not designed to remain underwater permanently.

in-sider Questions

Please visit our “professionals” page for more details or sign up.

Once you apply, it takes our team on average between 12-48 hours to get you setup as an in-sider in our system. We will send you an email as soon as possible to let you know if you’ve been approved! However, you can expedite this process by giving us a call or reaching out to our support team.

Warranty Questions

Yes. All in-lite transformers and fixtures carry a comprehensive 5 year warranty. Read more about our warranty by visiting our 'Warranty and Repairs' page.

in-lite offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty on our lighting products. This warranty covers ALL aspects of the lights we provide including the bulbs. Please visit our warranty page to learn more.

Information regarding warranty and repairs can be accessed via the 'Warranty and Repairs' page.

Shipping & Returns

We accept unused and unopened items within a 30-day window of the shipping date for a full refund or credit (this excludes the original shipping costs). We DO NOT cover return shipping costs. Return shipping costs must be covered by the customer. For full information about our return policy please visit our return policy page.

We offer faster shipping options at checkout. These include: Expedited Shipping (2-3 days) and Priority Shipping (1-2 days). The cost of faster shipping depends on the weight of your order. You can choose the appropriate shipping option for you at checkout.

We pride ourselves on how quickly we can service your lighting needs. We make sure our facilities are fully stocked, orders are almost always shipped same day (if placed before 12PM EST) and delivered within just a few days. We also offer different shipping options for fast delivery of your order including: Expedited (2-3 days) and priority shipping (1-2 days). You can choose the appropriate shipping option for you at checkout.

When returning an item to our facility to be processed for a return or exchange we require the sender to cover the shipping costs. However, we will not charge you a restocking fee*.

If you have any questions feel free to read up on our return policy Or contact us over the phone at 1-833-472-9960 or email .

*Large orders of over 100 units may be exempt from this.

At this time, we only ship to the continental United States. If you are a Canadian customer, please check out the full list and map of dealers in your area via in-lite’s dealer locator page