How it works

Jason discusses how low-voltage landscape lighting works. From the transformer, to the cable, to connecting your lights, everything you need to get your system setup and working is right here in this video. Take a peak!

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All you need to get started

The transformer

Plug the in-lite HUB-100 Transformer into an outdoor GFCI outlet to power up the in-lite system.

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Low-voltage cable

Attach your Low-Voltage Cable to the transformer and lay it out loosely throughout your project.

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Your lights

Every in-lite fixture is low-voltage, LED, and ready to be connected instantly to the Low-Voltage Cable.

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Our patented connector

20 years in the making, our patented Easy-Lock connector is the quick & easy way in-lite fixtures connect to the low-voltage cable.

Quick & easy

No electrical experience required. Save time and man-power: connect your lighting in an instant.


The Easy-Lock comes packed with silicon to ensure a water-proof and air-tight connection to the cable.


Client not happy? Simply unhook the Easy-Lock and reattach your lights elsewhere.


Once you hear the ‘click’ you know the Easy-Lock is secure. Next step: bury the connector, and move on to your next light.


Born in the North, loved by the South, the Easy-Lock is designed to withstand the harshest climates.


There is simply nothing else that compares. The Easy-Lock is and always will be, in-lite.

We're here to help

Our professional lighting advisors can help answer any questions you have about our lights, our program, or your project. Don't hesitate to reach out and get your project started today!