Is there a problem with your in-lite system? Having trouble with one or two fixtures? Check out our videos below to see how you can get things back up and running!

Troubleshoot your System

What should you do if all your lights stop working? First check to see if the transformer is plugged into a GFCI outlet and power is being supplied. You can reset the system by pressing the button on the bottom of the transformer. Next, ensure that your timer settings are correctly set. Double check to make sure your outlet hasn’t tripped, if it has, reset your outlet. Check to see if the cable end is attached to the transformer securely and that the wire ends are not touching. Also ensure that nothing is obstructing the photocell sensor. Lastly, follow your main cable line and make sure there is no damage.

Troubleshoot your Lights

You noticed that one or two of your outdoor lighting fixtures aren't working. Here are some things you can do to troubleshoot. Check for physical damage, such as if the light has been knocked over or pulled from the ground. Make sure the connection points are secure, check the easy-lock connector and make sure the cable is placed flat on the guiding track of the easy-lock. Check to see if the mini connector is firmly attached together. Lastly follow your main cable line and make sure there is no breaks or severing in the cable.